Dangers of an Unclean Workplace

It’s easy to forget about microscopic particles such as germs and bacteria that are around us, and sometimes, it’s probably for the best that we do. However, because these organisms aren’t visible to the naked eye, when left to spread they can turn a room or office into a thriving hotbed of unwelcome guests. That’s why, this month, Scott & Sons are here to look at all the dangers of an unclean workplace, from practically invisible problems to very obvious problems, we will cover it all. Read on to discover more. 

Unclean workplaces increase sick leave

If one person brings a cold into the office and doesn’t use a tissue when they cough/sneeze or they forget to wash their hands, the office environment will soon become contaminated. To reduce the amount of sick leave your employees take, here are some things you can do:

  • Encourage unwell employees to take off their sick days to prevent them from spreading their germs to multiple people – we don’t want the company to grind to a halt
  • Encourage unwell employees to work from home (if they feel well enough to work with the snuffles) 
  • Hire professional cleaners on a regular basis to ensure surfaces, handles, kitchen areas and toilets are fully disinfected, to help keep sick leave down to a minimum

Germs and bacteria

Speedy growth and propagation of germs can easily be the cause of idle cleaning practices. That’s because germs and bacteria aren’t at all picky about where they settle within the working environment. This means that spills on worktops, stained carpets, festering bins, dirty door handles, unwashed toilets and tiled floors can help germs and bacteria to continue spreading, to the point where it causes extended illness across numerous employees. 

To stop germs and bacteria in their tracks, here are some things you can do:

  • Supply antibacterial cleaning products 
  • Put reminders up in the workplace to encourage good cleaning habits
  • Hire cleaners to regularly to tend to things that might be missed such as windows, carpets and upholstery, as well as the more immediate things 


Spillages, shower rooms without vents and rooms that aren’t aired out frequently are likely to create a lot of excess moisture that, when left, can develop mould. Mould is a big health concern as it can cause irritation to the skin and throat, form rashes, allergies and in more serious cases, respiratory issues.

To stop mould in its tracks, here are some things you can do:

  • Thoroughly clean and dry all moist areas of kitchens and toilets 
  • Air out rooms by opening a window for a couple of hours each day
  • Wipe away any spills or puddles that have pooled on surfaces or the floor
  • Opt for professional cleaning services that can help you tackle early signs of mould

Low morale

Significant evidence shows that messy workplaces reduce the productivity of employees and can cause low office-wide morale. Not only that, but a dirty environment can sully a business’ reputation – no matter how good the output.

To prevent low morale, here are some things you can do:

  • Ensure a clean working environment – one that employees are proud to go to – this will go a long way to helping with day-to-day productivity and motivation 
  • Hire professional cleaners to deal with all types of cleaning, from day-to-day to deep cleaning requirements

Trips & falls

Old carpets with missing sections, tape keeping down the joints or worn areas where there’s heavy foot-traffic as well as overflowing bins and bags left beside desks are all trip and fall hazards.  

  • Replace worn carpets 
  • Hire professional cleaners to keep the surrounding areas free from rubbish
  • Put up signs to remind staff to be mindful of where they leave their belongings


Think about your storage rooms, how much paper and cardboard is lying around? This is a fire risk, especially if it’s positioned near electrical items. 

  • File important documents
  • Keep fire exits clear at all times
  • Keep up to date with your fire risk assessments


The presence of old technology, boxes, coats, bags – you name it – are all things that are harmful to everyone who comes into the office. Not only does it look unprofessional but it can cause trip hazards and in the event of a fire, can make evacuation more dangerous.

To get rid of clutter here are some things you can do:

  • Recycle WEEE waste
  • Sell old technology
  • Hire a skip if there’s ample clutter

It may sound time-consuming or perhaps a little too much but regular and meticulous cleaning is important, especially in the workplace. Think about how many people come and go in and out of the workplace, how did these people travel to work, how many doors and buttons have they touched before arriving? All of these questions are designed to make you stop and think, not to scare you off.

At Scott & Sons, we have a skilled and dedicated team of cleaning operatives who are able to provide exceptional workplace and office cleaning services. With fully-mobile machinery and top-of-the-range products, we’re here to offer thorough and meticulous coronavirus cleaning, paying particular attention to door handles, telephones, lift buttons and kitchen utilities to keep your workspace a happy and healthy place.

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