Cleaning Myths: True or False? Part 2

In this second instalment of our articles about cleaning myths, we will debunk some more common cleaning myths and uncover some surprising cleaning hacks which are, in fact, true. 

We prove that a little knowledge can go a long way, so read on to discover more about dusters and what walnuts are renowned for! 

Vodka is a good de-odouriser: TRUE

This idea has been around for some time and is actually true. 

For reasons unknown, vodka is an excellent de-odouriser and can remove unpleasant smells from clothes, curtains and other fabrics. What’s better is that you do not need to splash out on an expensive brand either – allowing you to save the good stuff for something on the rocks later on. 

Freezing shoes removes odour: FALSE

Sorry to disappoint, but this is a myth and untrue.

Freezing shoes or other items of clothing will not remove pungent odours. The reason is that your average freezer simply isn’t cold enough to kill the odour-producing bacteria. 

For better results, try sprinkling baking soda in your shoes and let them sit overnight. Just remember to shake the soda out before putting your shoes back on. 

Hand-washing dishes is better than machine washing: FALSE

If you ever feel guilty about throwing a few plates into the dishwasher,  you no longer need to despair, as this myth is false. 

No matter how hard you scrub your dishes, hand washing them is never as effective as using a dishwasher. Dishwashers run at higher temperatures and give items more soap exposure, which in turn, kills more bacteria. 

White wine cleans red wine stains: PARTLY TRUE

Oh horror of horrors, your glass of merlot has made a mess of your cream carpet, can white wine save the day? Well, sort of… 

Whilst white wine isn’t a miracle worker, it is effective in diluting the concentration of the red wine so it doesn’t look as dark. Though time is of the essence, so act quickly by blotting the stain with a dry towel and using baking soda to soak the rest up. 

Old-fashioned feather dusters are more efficient than micro fibre dusters: FALSE

Think you can rely on your trusty feather duster, then think again. 

Old-fashioned feather dusters might seem sufficient for tackling dust, but they are more likely to just move it around. However, most micro-fibre dusters are designed to trap dust particles, making it an altogether better solution to your spring clean. 

Indoor plants purify the air: PARTLY TRUE

Whilst this is a popular theory, it is unlikely a single houseplant will do as much to purify the air as opening a window. Studies in the past have seen only a moderate change in air quality based on experiments made in sterile environments. 

Walnuts remove scratches from wood: TRUE 

Who was it that discovered this incredible hack for ridding unsightly scratches? 

Next time you spot a scratch on your coffee table, turn your attention to the humble walnut! We are being serious – walnuts contain oil, which absorbs into the wood, potentially removing years of damage. 

Coca-Cola is good for cleaning toilets: FALSE 

Much has been said about the cleaning capabilities of Coca-Cola, but the results are sketchy at best. 

Coca-Cola is acidic, so whilst it can make quick work of water stains in your toilet bowl, it is not an ideal choice for cleaning your lavatory as its colour may cause additional stains. The added sugar is probably likely to attract further bacteria, which makes Coca-Cola a little counter-productive! 

Cleaning Myths Debunked: Final Thoughts

We hope we have shed some light on some more common cleaning myths. Remember that the team here at Scott & Sons are cleaning contractors who can tackle jobs on any scale. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team to find out more.