Guy Scott Raises Over £1,000 for Cancer Research UK

This month, we’re extremely proud to announce our company director Guy Scott’s successful completion of the London 2 Brighton Challenge in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Guy managed to raise a staggering £1,100, which is 220% of his initial target. It’s safe to say that Guy absolutely smashed his target, but completing the 100 kilometre Ultra Challenge during the May Bank Holiday weekend wasn’t so easy sailing.

The Ultra Challenge: London 2 Brighton

Now in its sixth year, the London 2 Brighton Challenge is a two-day event that spans 100km of paths and trails from Richmond in West London, across the North and South Downs and the scenic Sussex countryside before reaching the home straight towards Brighton Racecourse.

Whether you walk, jog or run the distance is up to you, but it is gruelling either way. Even with expert support and hospitality to help you through the day, the challenge isn’t for the faint of heart.

Guy, however, wasn’t put off. Having tackled the half marathons at Great North and Great South Runs before, and with a little extra training in the run up to the Ultra Challenge, Guy was determined to complete the full 100km and raise money for Cancer Research UK.

And They’re Off!

On day one, Guy flew off the mark and completed a monumental 56km. At one point, he completed a section with a seasoned ultra-runner who told him she thought this was the toughest event she’d completed.

With a further 44km to go, his feet covered in blisters and plasters, Guy knew the end was in sight. All that was needed was just one more brisk walk through the countryside, and to grin and bare the pain of the blisters.

Guy said it was easily the most challenging event he’s ever done. But after 20 hours of hiking his way through the exacting terrain of the North and South Downs, Brighton Racecourse appeared and with it the end of the challenge.

Over £1,000 Raised for Cancer Research UK

All in all, Guy managed to raise £1,100 to help fund cancer research and run over 250 clinical trials. New treatment, prevention and diagnosis techniques are tested during these trials, all of which will help us beat cancer sooner.

Although Guy has now completed the challenge and blown his initial target of £500 out of the water, you can still donate by visiting his Justgiving page.

In the future, Guy hopes to complete more challenging events, but we imagine he’ll take a break first!