Window Cleaning – Retirement Village

By investing in state-of-the-art Ionic Systems and FaceLift Cleaning Systems equipment, Scott & Sons Ltd can provide superior window cleaning for households and businesses in the local area. When we think back to how we used to clean windows in the bad old days – picture a ladder and bucket – you can see things have vastly improved.

We have also invested in the most up-to-date purification system for our water, so you can rest assured that we will be cleaning your windows with the purest water possible. This allows a better quality clean without streaks and spots.

A specific case that benefits from our new technology is a large retirement village which is a repeat customer of ours. We used to clean the windows across the premises using a squeegee and applicator on long ladders. This would initially do a good job but, when the rain hits it, the residue from traditional window cleaning runs down the windows and can make them look grubby quicker.

We now clean this site with our pure water system and new Ionic Systems Reach & Wash equipment, as well as scrubbing all framework and windowsills. This method is more efficient, produces better results, and leaves windows shiny and clean for longer. I am proud to say that after our last site visit all windows were sparkling, demonstrating the high standards of Reach & Wash window cleaning carried out by Scott & Sons.