Swimming Pool Cleaning – Roe Green Primary School

The shower heads had not been descaled in a very long time. Basically, you could hit them with a hammer or use a very strong acid-based product to break off the limescale! So we decided to use lambs wool applicator on the shower heads, Nu Supreme on the shower walls and Nu Bioscrub on the shower taps.

At first we saw no sign of any results, then after we kept applying for 30 mins, we were astonished by what we saw. The limescale went almost into a putty, leaving a fantastic result with things looking as good as new!

We used a scrubbing machine with Nu Bioscrub 1- 5 to mop the floor and left it for 10 minutes for the same instant results.

We used Nu Kleen Smell applied with a lambs wool applicator again to clean around the poolside tiled area and the surrounding poolside walls. We left it for 10 minutes dwell time, then using a microfibre cloth, buffed it up for great results.

  • It was demonstrated how to angle the pouring spout for IN1, Nu-Supreme or Nu-Bioscrub as applicable.
  • It was noted that IN2/ IN2 Concentrate/ Nu-Bioscrub will cause damage to marble, soft stone and other calcareous surfaces.
  • It was highlighted that the over dilution of IN3, IN5, IN6, IN8, Nu-Kleen Smell, Nu-Grip + and Nu-Action 3 as applicable will cause sticky floor or smearing of surfaces.
  • It was highlighted that the over dilution of IN3, IN5, IN6, IN8, Nu-Kleen Smell, Nu-Grip + and Nu-Action 3 can dull shiny porcelain or similar floors, in which case IN4C, IN7C or Nu-Kleen All can be used.
  • It was confirmed that all the products are to be mixed with cold/ warm water only and that hot water would destroy all product performance.
  • It was noted that all products work best when given 5 minutes dwell time on a surface, particularly when heavily soiled.
  • It was confirmed that wall charts were present and placed correctly onsite, in an area visible to all cleaning operatives.
  • It was noted that if there is a build-up of scale using only Nu-Bioscrub that Nu-Supreme would be needed for periodic descaling.

The trial went excellent to say the least, with outstanding results! On first impressions of the shower taps and heads, it looked like we would have to try something stronger than Nu Supreme. However, what I have learnt is if you keep applying Nu Supreme, pushing it into the limescale for about 30 minutes, it will turn limescale into almost a putty.

This exercise has been a great learning session for both Guy and myself, and we both feel confident in cleaning swimming pools giving effective cleaning results and creating a safer environment.