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Commercial Cleaning

Radlett Tennis Club – Floor Cleaning

Radlett Lawn and Tennis Club had been closed for a significant period of time, enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic...
Window Cleaning

Changing Views, Redbourn, Hertfordshire

The property has period style windows and the owner was concerned that the render could be damaged or chipped...
Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning – Guinea Fowl Creative Stevenage Herts

Window Cleaning can be intrusive, interruptive & a disconcerting experience for someone at their office...
Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning – Retirement Village

By investing in state-of-the-art Ionic Systems and FaceLift Cleaning Systems equipment, Scott & Sons Ltd can...
Restaurant & Pub Cleaning

Deep clean to old flooring – Cycle Cafe

Over the years, the Cycle Cafe’s floor had seen significant footfall and was showing signs of wear and tear. To...
Restaurant & Pub Cleaning

The Two Brewers Pub in Northaw – Floor Cleaning

We received an enquiry from The Two Brewers pub in Northaw about our wood floor restoration & cleaning...
Places of Worship Cleaning

Specialist Cleaning – Cathedral

Scott & Sons were called in to clean the cathedral in a specialised way. Our machinery and a specialised stone...
Office Cleaning

Anti-virus Cleaning & Aftercare – Large Office Block

After receiving an enquiry from a large office block in Clarendon Road, Watford, about our thorough fogging services
Leisure Centre Cleaning

Floor Cleaning – Centurion Golf Club

We recently carried out renovations at Hemel Hempstead’s Centurion Golf Club, a prestigious local establishment...
Leisure Centre Cleaning

Swimming Pool Cleaning – Roe Green Primary School

The shower heads had not been descaled in a very long time. Basically, you could hit them with a hammer...
Hospice Cleaning

Decontamination Clean – Peace Hospice

Scott & Sons were called out to carry out a full coronavirus decontamination clean for the Peace Hospice in Watford...
Commercial reach and wash window cleaning
Hospice Cleaning

Barnside Retirement Community, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

We have had the best cleaning job I have ever seen at our complex. Our cleaner is very thorough and after Scott...