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A Tribute to Melvyn D Scott

It is with great sadness we announce the death of Melvyn Scott, founder of Scott & Sons. Nearly 40 years ago, Mel sat at the ...
Commercial Cleaning

Radlett Tennis Club – Floor Cleaning

Radlett Lawn and Tennis Club had been closed for a significant period of time, enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic...
Window Cleaning

Changing Views, Redbourn, Hertfordshire

The property has period style windows and the owner was concerned that the render could be damaged or chipped...
Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning – Guinea Fowl Creative Stevenage Herts

Window Cleaning can be intrusive, interruptive & a disconcerting experience for someone at their office...
Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning – Retirement Village

By investing in state-of-the-art Ionic Systems and FaceLift Cleaning Systems equipment, Scott & Sons Ltd can...
Restaurant & Pub Cleaning

Deep clean to old flooring – Cycle Cafe

Over the years, the Cycle Cafe’s floor had seen significant footfall and was showing signs of wear and tear. To...
Restaurant & Pub Cleaning

The Two Brewers Pub in Northaw – Floor Cleaning

We received an enquiry from The Two Brewers pub in Northaw about our wood floor restoration & cleaning...
Places of Worship Cleaning

Specialist Cleaning – Cathedral

Scott & Sons were called in to clean the cathedral in a specialised way. Our machinery and a specialised stone...
Office Cleaning

Anti-virus Cleaning & Aftercare – Large Office Block

After receiving an enquiry from a large office block in Clarendon Road, Watford, about our thorough fogging services
Leisure Centre Cleaning

Floor Cleaning – Centurion Golf Club

We recently carried out renovations at Hemel Hempstead’s Centurion Golf Club, a prestigious local establishment...
Leisure Centre Cleaning

Swimming Pool Cleaning – Roe Green Primary School

The shower heads had not been descaled in a very long time. Basically, you could hit them with a hammer...
Hospice Cleaning

Decontamination Clean – Peace Hospice

Scott & Sons were called out to carry out a full coronavirus decontamination clean for the Peace Hospice in Watford...