Craft Time Clean Up: How to Tidy up After Kids

Never ending glitter

Glitter: the craft-time gift that keeps on giving. It’s a sparkly, never-ending ordeal to clean up every single shiny speck. Vacuuming alone won’t banish the glitter explosion from your house, so instead, use a lint roller or heavy-duty masking tape to lift it all away.

If however, your vacuum cleaner isn’t working as well as it should be, it may be in need of repair, our engineers are fully qualified and accredited to fix them, regardless of the make or model.


Whiteboard streaks & smears

Children love to scribble and draw, hence why whiteboards have become commonplace in playrooms around the world. But what about those black streaks and grey smears? Use some of our household surface cleaner and a 40x40cm, 80-20 mix microfibre cloths (that come in a range of colours) to completely remove the black residue.

Blowing away chalk dust

If your child prefers to get creative with chalkboards, then you’ll be fully aware of how easy it is for chalk dust to fall, and stubbornly cling onto any surface. Not to mention the white haze which is left behind on the board itself. Simply vacuum any dust you can find, even if it has landed on hard surfaces, then wipe clean with our household surface cleaner and one of our great quality microfibre cloths.

To remove the white residue on the board, use one of our yellow dusters (available in a pack of 10) to remove any loose dust, then wipe clean with a damp Mighty Wipe cloth.

Dirty Desk Solutions

There’s nothing worse than using a dirty desk. If anything, it could hinder your child’s ability to create. If their desk has seen better days, apply a generous amount of shaving foam to the surface and leave it to soak. Then, take a micro fibre cloth and wipe it all away. This will leave your child’s desk looking as clean as the day you bought it. Alternatively, use our household surface cleaner and a Mighty Wipe cloth to wipe down the desk to remove stickiness and grime.

Sharpie-Stained Tables

Whether your child fancies themselves as the next Banksy or if they’ve just accidentally stained your dining room table with Sharpie marks, fear not. There’s a solution to your permanent marker stain dilemma.

Try using hand sanitiser (a less abrasive alternative to rubbing alcohol) to remove the stains. Apply it to the affected area and leave to soak for 1-2 minutes. Take a Mighty Wipe cloth and wipe it away, it should leave the surface stain-free. Alternatively, you could use rubbing alcohol if you preferred.

Everyday Muck

To wipe away everyday dirt from the surfaces your children have been crafting on, try classic antibacterial wipes or our versatile household surface cleaner. These are designed to lift away everyday dirt from any surface, restoring your furniture back to optimum cleanliness.

With over 40 years of experience, Scott & Sons can provide thorough cleaning services for businessesschools and restaurants in and around the Hertfordshire area. Our highly trained, qualified team work tirelessly to ensure that the individual needs of our commercial and domestic clients are met. If you have any enquiries regarding our services, get in touch with our team today – we’re always happy to help.

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