Tips on Removing Pet Stains and Odours

Us Brits love our pets but sometimes, our pets are not always the best behaved and we can come home to an unwelcome present that is often left slap-bang in the middle of the floor!  Instead of panicking and applying a concoction of helpless cleaners and disinfectants to the area and praying they work, we’ve got some top tips to share with you so hopefully, you can remove the mess from your carpet without any lasting repercussions or permanent staining.

The main focus is on removing the stain as soon as possible, but the method you should use to remove it depends on the stain itself.


Removing Urine

Urine is made up of chemicals, bacteria and minerals. The breakdown of these chemicals causes the stench of ammonia, which can cause terrible odour problems that linger for ages and can make the stain almost impossible to remove!

Avoid using heat on the stain (hot or warm water) as this will only cause the stain to attach itself to the fibres of the carpet, making it even harder to remove. The best way to remove it is to use a cloth (or nappy if you have any kids!) to soak up the excess urine on the surface. Avoid any wiping motions or heavy dabbing, as this will spread the stain and force it deeper into the carpet. A gentle, soft dabbing motion over the area with either alcohol or vinegar will help neutralise the urine and then a disinfectant to help take away the odour.

Removing Vomit

Animal vomit is one of the hardest things to shift but just like urine, it’s important to get it up as soon as possible, as it is very acidic and can ruin fabrics and hard flooring.Pick out the solid bits first using a paper towel, then sprinkle either sawdust or baking soda if you have any over the residual liquid and leave it to soak it up. Once the remaining vomit has been absorbed, use your chosen carpet cleaner as normal to clean the affected area.

Removing Faeces

Faeces is not the most difficult substance to remove, but it is the most dangerous due to the germs and bacteria it can leave lingering behind if not cleaned up properly. Wear gloves and scoop up the faeces and put it in the bin, then sprinkle sawdust or baking powder over any liquid left over. Once this has been left to solidify, you can scoop the rest up and throw away also.  Clean the affected patch and the surrounding area with a sponge and soapy water, then again with a disinfectant.

Top tip: Make sure you check your pet’s feet so they don’t end up walking the mess through the house. It would be worth investing in a good barrier matting to avoid pets carrying in dirt on their paws, and leaving you any further nasty surprises!   

Scott & Sons

If you’re unsure about carrying out any of these cleaning methods, or you have tried but it still won’t budge, then please get in touch with the cleaning experts here at Scott & Sons. We offer professional carpet cleaning services and specialise in removing even the most stubborn stains from your carpet, so please don’t hesitate to call us today!