Tips on Maintaining your Carpets at Home

The carpets in our homes get used every single day. We walk on them, sit on them, lie on them etc., but we pay so much for them that we can’t always afford to replace them when they become worn and tired-looking from regular, day-to-day use.

Yet with simple, regular cleaning and maintenance you can avoid having to replace your carpets as often as if you were to leave them unattended to.

To help give your carpets a longer life, try following our easy tips and enjoy your beautiful carpet for longer…

Carpet cleaning

Regular cleaning

Pay your carpets some attention with regular cleaning. You should vacuum your carpets every day to get rid of dirt and dust that accumulates and gets trapped within it. You should particularly make sure you vacuum every day if you have pets as they shed their hair very quickly which builds up in layers on your carpets.

Search for the problem areas

Concentrate on the problem areas of your carpets that need particular care and attention. This will most likely be where there has been a spillage or stain that hasn’t been dealt with or even discovered until now.

It is always better to deal with the spillage at the time it happens rather than coming back to it at a later date. Over time the spillage will become a stain that will be much harder to treat and remove.

Simple measures

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can really make all the difference. Ask your family, friends, flatmates or any guests who come into the house to take their shoes off and don’t feel rude asking them to do so.

Also, have doormats both inside and outside of the door to encourage people (and yourself) to wipe their feet before entering your house. The sooner you can get into the habit of these smaller things the better, because you really will begin to see the difference.

Removal Agent

Many new carpet cleaning agents enter the market claiming to eliminate stains and clean your carpets, but don’t waste your money trying each gimmick that comes out. Instead, try and find one that works for you and stick to it.

There are even homemade concoctions that can clean your carpets just as well as any other product. Warm water with baking soda will combat any odours and freshen up your carpet, whereas adding vinegar to warm water will restore the original colours of your carpet.

Move furniture

Placing furniture mats under the legs of your furniture can help avoid dentation marks from heavy tables and chairs, which, over time, can leave permanent marks in your carpet. This is most likely to happen when furniture is not rotated around the room.

Moving furniture on a fairly regular basis will not only help ease the indentation marks in your carpet but it will also allow areas of carpet that aren’t normally exposed to be visible and used. This will avoid discolouration and help maintain an even colour throughout your room.

Make your investment in an expensive carpet worthwhile by scheduling in the time to carry out these duties on a daily/weekly basis in order to see to all your carpet needs. Be strict with yourself to make sure you stick to it and make it happen. If you find that you’re struggling to keep up with it then it could be time to call in the professionals.

A reliable and trustworthy professional cleaning company like Scott and Sons can see to all your carpet needs, ensuring that they are thoroughly cleaned and kept in top condition! For more information about our carpet cleaning services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.