Tidy House, Tidy Mind: The Biggest Benefits to Cleaning

You may already know that a tidy home and workplace promotes productivity, but did you know it’s also good for your mental health? Studies have shown that people with tidier and cleaner homes are also the healthiest and most active, with reports of lower cortisol levels in those who report having a peaceful, mess-free home environment.

At Scott and Sons, we’re firm believers in the strong connection between a healthy environment, and a healthy mind. We’ve taken a look at a few more of the benefits to cleaning in this article.

Less Stress

Havas Worldwide conducted a study that revealed that 50% of people could live without most of their possessions happily, and that the more items some people have, the more anxious they can feel.

A less cluttered, tidier home can massively impact your levels of stress, with a chaotic environment around you only serving to feed into any anxiety you are currently dealing with.


Aside from your mental health, cleaning can also be good for your physical health, too. The Environmental Protection Agency states that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoors air by up to five times, so any allergies you suffer with are only going to be magnified indoors.

Regular cleaning will clear the area of dust, pollen, and dirt, and reduce the likelihood of your allergies flaring up when you have to spend time indoors.

Mental health

A study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that even just 20 minutes of physical activity per week could have a significant impact on reducing depression. Cleaning can be an incredibly therapeutic task, and involves enough physical movement to have a genuine influence on levels of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Healthier eating

Research has also shown that a cleaner home can also encourage healthier eating habits, with people working in a tidier environment more likely to opt for a healthier option than those working in a more chaotic environment.

This relationship has been attributed largely to the fact that when we’re stressed, the increased cortisol levels in our body mean we crave comfort food that is often higher in calories. A tidier workplace encourages a cleaner diet, which in turn also promotes better mental health!

Although regular cleaning is great for your health, sometimes cleaning the whole workplace just isn’t feasible. That’s where our trained team of cleaning operatives come in here at Scott & Sons, able to take over those jobs that take up too much time in the day.

We can tailor our cleaning services to every customer, ensuring that your requirements are met and that your workplace is left clean and tidy for everyone to enjoy. For more information, or to discuss your cleaning needs, simply contact our team today and we’ll happily assist you.