End of Office Tenancy Guide

Coming to the end of a tenancy can be quite daunting. You know that there are things to be done before you finally hand in the keys. To make things a little easier for you throughout the process, we have compiled a list of things you should check and keep an eye out for before your contract terminates.


Drains – keep an eye out for drain over spills. It’s also recommended that you remove drain covers and check for blockages.

Water flow/pressure – blocked pipes can severely impact the water flow, so check that the taps are running normally. If pipes have been blocked by debris that shouldn’t be going down the drain or down the toilet, you could be held liable, thus paying to have the pipe unblocked.

Plug holes – ensure all plug holes are free of blockages, again, if there are, you will be held liable.

Taps – check that all taps are in working order and they’re running smoothly..


White goods – test each item and ensure they’re fully operational.

Appliances – check that everything you have been provided with works properly and remains in good condition.


Check desk drawers – ensure they’re all completely empty and clean, with fully functioning doors, draw fronts, fixtures and fittings.

Sort through all utility spaces – make sure your utility rooms have been emptied of items. Not only could it be costly for you, but it can also be inconvenient for your landlord to clear or dispose of your leftover bits and pieces.

Empty bookshelves and cabinets – take this is an opportunity to have a clear out. Often, office spaces can become cluttered, being a dumping ground for miscellaneous paperwork or magazines nobody wants. Don’t leave them in the premises, instead, recycle any unwanted bits of paper and shred more sensitive information, if you find any.  


Check communal sofas – have a good look under communal sofas and armchairs to see if anything has slid under there, it would also be worth checking in between the sofa cushions.

Remove temporary furniture – you may have bought some cheaper furniture during your time in the building, but make sure that when the time comes for you to leave, you take those items with you, or dispose of them if you have no intention of keeping any of it.


Desks and desk drawers – once these are free from clutter, give them a thorough clean with a damp cloth and an anti-bacterial, multi-purpose cleaning agent. Do your best to remove all marks and stains.

Bathrooms and toilets – many offices have communal showers and toilets, so it’s important that these are cleaned prior to your exit from the building. Thoroughly clean shower heads and cubicle, the toilet bowl and seat, all sinks, and lastly, the floor, paying close attention to small crevices where damp or mould are likely to collect.

Kitchen and oven – generally, offices come equipped with fully functional kitchens and appliances, so clean around the kitchen sink and behind the fridge if you can. 

Mop the floor, paying particular attention to food debris or mud marks. The oven (if one has been fitted) should also be cleaned both inside and out, being sure to remove any burnt food, fat and grease. You should also empty all bins, then clean them thoroughly to prevent bad smells from hovering.

Communal living areas – this should be fairly straight forward, start by cleaning the floor and dusting down surfaces, then check the walls for damage to paint or wallpaper. If there are marks or stains down the wall or on the floor, then do your best to remove them.

If you’d like to learn more about how to thoroughly clean an office space, have a read of our Office Cleaning Guide. Or if you are a domestic customer we have an End of Tenancy checklist for homes too.

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