Does My Office Need Cleaning?

Like any home, the workplace should not be neglected when it comes to cleaning. With so many staff all in one confined space, offices, in particular, can soon become a hotspot for germs and bacteria to breed and spread. Aside from the hygienic benefits, there are other advantages to keeping your workplace in top condition. Let’s take a closer look at what these might be and how you can introduce them in your office.

Office cleaning

Professional image

It’s important to consider how your office might look to other people outside of the four walls. Visitors expect to be met with a professional and presentable space that reflects the attitude of the company. Would you work with a company that had huge stains on the carpets, dirty windows and cluttered rooms? Probably not. So remember, it’s not just the image you are giving to your employees that matters, but also to current customers and potential customers. If you’re struggling to see where improvements can be made, ask a friend or family member to pop round the office. Ask for their opinion on what could be changed, moved around, cleaned etc. Often when you work in the same place every day, it is hard to notice what needs to be done as things are overlooked as being the norm.

Health and sickness

An unclean, dusty environment is likely to harbour harmful germs and bacteria that can cause illness and infection, such as the common cold, flu or even worse. This could lead to staff taking sick days from work which will ultimately cost your business money. Therefore, it is at your own best interest to invest some time and money into keeping your office spick and span. And if this isn’t enough to convince you, previous studies have actually revealed that those who work in a clean and tidy office are less likely to take days off work, than those who don’t – so there is evidence to prove it!

Higher productivity and better motivation

Not only is a clean workspace required for keeping a workforce healthy, but a clean workplace makes for a happy workforce too. Although the cleanliness of an office is extremely important, there are other aspects that need to be considered too, such as organisation. Organising files and keeping desks and workstations in a tidy order will not only keep your office free from clutter but can also contribute to keeping staff motivated and focused on the task they are doing. Working in a clean, fresh environment will boost concentration levels, improve productivity and enlighten the overall mood of the employees, creating a stronger work ethic all round.

Help from the professionals

Arranging a contract with professional cleaners will help take care of your regular cleaning schedule whilst taking the pressure off your shoulders. At Scott & Sons, we have over 40 years’ experience when it comes to the professional cleaning of offices. Carrying out the highest standards of cleanliness, our team of staff are all fully trained to carry out any cleaning duties you require. Simply get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can do for you.