How to Keep Up with the Cleaning Industry

When it comes to cleaning as a profession, it’s important to know all the facts. From the best cleaning methods to recommended equipment and industry changes, staying up-to-date with cleaning industry news is crucial to becoming a successful and prosperous cleaning business.

In light of this, we’d like to share with you some of the places we go to read up on the latest cleaning news. So here are some of the websites we regularly frequent to keep ‘in the know’ and ahead of the game…

cleaning industry

British Cleaning Council

A long established organisation (1982), the British Cleaning Council’s primary purpose is to coordinate the affairs of the cleaning industry. This encourages improvements in areas such as health, hygiene and general cleaning standards across the board. Articles can be on a whole range of topics, varying from ‘Loo of the year awards’ to a more serious ‘how to tackle illegal working in the cleaning sector’.

Health and Safety Executive

As a widely recognised establishment in the cleaning industry, Health and Safety Executive has received Royal Assent for the work they do in providing a framework for health and safety in the workplace throughout Great Britain. Content published can include anything from statistic reports from the previous year to breaking news such as firms sentenced or fined for breaching safety regulations.

Tomorrow’s Cleaning

This digital cleaning magazine provides coverage on the latest issues and advancements throughout the cleaning sector. It aims to help any cleaning business stay at the forefront of the industry by covering topics such as new technologies, case studies and tips such as cleaning up for flood victims.

Cleaning Matters

For industry updates, blogs, features, webinars, supplier information and upcoming events, you can expect to see a variety of fresh news from Cleaning Matters. Each month they publish a ‘video of the month’ showcasing how to use different pieces of equipment, including floor buffers and polishers.

Cleaning Hub

Cleaning Hub is another great place to read up on industry related news. With an array of product information as well as white papers to download, you can keep yourself and your staff up-to-date on all areas of their job, so you can continue to offer your clients a high level service.

There are many other cleaning websites out there (feel free to have a Google) but these are the ones we find most useful, and that cover a breadth of information.

Keeping an eye on these websites enables us to have a firm and stable grounding in the cleaning sector. This allows us to respond quickly to any changes, whilst giving our clients the best service we possibly can.

If you’d like to contact us with any query you may have, or to find out more about our cleaning product supplies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly Scott & Sons team today.