What is a Builders Clean?

With home renovations on the uprise, there has became a distinct need for builders’ cleans. Regardless of how big or small the project, or whether you have the most careful and tidiest of builders, there will always be dirt and dust that gets into even the most unlikely of places.

builders clean
So, what is a builders’ clean?
A builders’ clean is tailored towards providing an intensive clean of a premises, once all the building work has been done. This is key to the effectiveness of the cleaning, as if you clean up when there are still a few jobs that need finishing off, then you’ll be doing yourself an injustice as you’ll only have to go back over everything again! It’s worth leaving a couple of days aside after the last job has been done, so all the dust can completely settle, and then the cleaners can get into every nook and cranny!

What does it include?
At Scott & Sons our professional cleaners are all highly trained and use the latest equipment and state of the art technology to do the best job possible.

Areas that are cleaned as part of a builders’ clean include:

Carpets and flooringCeilingsWindowsWindow sills and skirting boardsDust and debris removalOdour removal
All our staff are briefed on the risk assessment and are experienced in handling chemicals of all natures, so they can use whatever method and solution is right for the job. This could range from child and pet friendly Prochem chemicals, or our Reach and Wash window cleaning system.

Why choose a builders’ clean?
When it comes to renovations or home projects, we know there is often a deadline involved, and with professional cleaners, you can trust them to work quickly and efficiently, but most of all, they can get the job done right, first time.

We will leave the area sparkling clean, safe and tidy, so you can concentrate on getting back to normal, as soon as possible!

Who can benefit from them?
Whether it’s a domestic or commercial setting, both can benefit from a builders’ clean. This could include:

Shop fittersHomeownersPrivate buildersProperty developersProject managersRestoration companies
If you’re interested in having a builders’ clean carried out by professional and experienced cleaners, and would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us at Scott & Sons. We’ll be more than happy to offer our advice or give no obligation quotes.