5 Tips on How to Clean and Keep Clean an Office

Full time office workers spend more time sat in front of their computers than they do anywhere else, which means two things in the world of cleaning. One, we should make sure our desks and office are as clean and presentable as possible so we can comfortably get on with our work. And two, as we spend the majority of our time here, picking up phones, typing away, if our hands are not thoroughly clean, dirt and germs can soon build-up, and if left, can cause illness.

So, Scott and Sons are going to share with you our top 5 tips for how to clean your office, but most of all, how to keep it clean!

1)   Filing system

For any business, paperwork can be the bane of their life! And if it isn’t kept in an organised system, you can find yourself in a bit of a pickle, with lost documents and overflowing files that can no longer contain the volume of paperwork.

Finding a filing system that works for you is the best way to keep clutter at bay. With the majority of office work now done on computers, if you are unsure whether to keep certain documents, scan them into the computer. This way you can always have access to it if you find you do need it in future.

2)   Wires

There’s nothing uglier than a huge bunch of cables, all mixed up and coated in dust, out on display for all to see.

Tying pieces of velcro around the wires will help make the area look cleaner and much tidier. If this isn’t possible, try attaching the wires together by wrapping ties around them so they are at least all in one place.

3)   Wet wipes

In case of an emergency spillage, mug ring stains, or even a build-up of dust and dirt, if you keep a pack of wet wipes on your desk or in your drawers, you can easily wipe them away as soon as you spot them.  This will make the thorough clean with a duster and polish much easier if you keep on top of the stains as and when they occur.

4)   Drawers

If you have your own set of drawers, you can keep the majority of your belongings in them, such as hand-gel, hand cream, snacks, post-it notes, notepads etc. This will free-up the space on your desk, helping keep the office looking neat, tidy, minimal but most of all professional.

5)   Routine

It’s a proven fact that if you can make something a habit, you are more likely to stick to it, so by integrating your office cleaning tasks as part of your weekly or daily routine will help you stick to it and be successful. This will make it far easier to keep the area clean, neat and organised.

If you stick to our top 5 tips and work them into your weekly routine, then you can create a workplace to be proud of, increasing staff morale and impressing potential or existing customers reflecting your professionalism and positive attitude!

For a regular office cleaning service, Scott and Sons can offer a professional and thorough clean using state of the art equipment to maintain our high standards. Please get in touch with us today to find out more about our commercial cleaning services.