Where are the Germiest Areas of the Office?

Most of us take the time and effort to ensure our homes are clean and tidy but never think about the cleanliness of somewhere we spend 40 hours a week working at. Staff in an office often let cleanliness slide due to other work responsibilities, which gives way to an increase in germs, but there are a few particular hotspots you need to watch out for! Especially when an illness is going around the office. 

  • The office microwave

Office microwaves are used every day and are almost never cleaned properly, let alone on a regular basis. Steam from the food isn’t around long enough to kill germs and food often splatters all over the interior. The microwave handle is also touched by germ-ridden hands several times to open and close it, so make sure you at least wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe every now and then.

  • Lift buttons

This is especially an issue if your business is in an office block and employees from several different businesses use the lifts. Lift buttons are rarely disinfected, so tend to have more germs than a toilet seat! Use your knuckle or elbow to touch the lift buttons and quickly rub antibacterial hand gel into your hands after using the lift.

  • Door handles

Everyone in your office uses door handles multiple times over the day. Germs and illnesses will spread quickly and easily throughout the office if employees don’t wash their hands regularly, and door handles aren’t disinfected daily. We suggest highlighting this issue to the cleaning staff to ensure they don’t miss them when they clean the office at the end of the day.

  • Keyboards

You use your keyboard for eight hours a day, yet you probably never clean it. Your hands take the brunt of germs you’re exposed to, so it’s important that you wash your hands after using the toilet, eating, and after using various equipment around the office. Wiping your keyboard down with antibacterial wipes every few days will help with preventing the spread of germs and keeping antibacterial hand gel on your desk will remind you to disinfect your hands regularly.

  • Kitchen sponge

This one may surprise you as the kitchen sponge is used for cleaning and it regularly is doused in soap, but the kitchen sponge acts as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The moist and warm environment allows germs to multiply at an alarming rate, not even soap can wash it all away. Studies show that most new sponges have bacteria like E.coli and salmonella growing on the sponge within three weeks. This bacteria is then transferred onto the surfaces the sponge is kept on and the pots cleaned with it. We recommend microwaving your mug for two minutes to ensure all bacteria are killed and replace the communal sponge every two weeks. 

Scott & Sons can provide comprehensive office cleaning services for your business in and around the Hertfordshire area. Our highly trained team tailor their approach according to your premises and needs, ensuring you get the level of cleaning most suited to your individual requirements. We use Nilco Antibacterial Sanitizer to ensure all surfaces regularly used are completely disinfected. For more information on our products and services, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today. 

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