Tips for keeping your office fresh in winter

Winter months create unique difficulties when it comes to keeping your office environment clean, fresh and welcoming. Whether it’s damp and dirt tracked in from outside, streaky windows, or stuffy circulated air, winter can mean extra effort is needed when cleaning your premises. To help you keep your premises looking professional this time of year, we’ve put together some winter office cleaning tips.


The winter season is full of wet, and sometimes snowy, weather which can easily get tracked into your office. Wet floors can cause an array of issues for your office – they can become a slip hazard, lingering damp in your carpets can cause mould, and trodden in dirt can lead to long-term discolouration and damage if left unchecked.

Make sure all entrances have entry mats to whisk away the worst of the wet and dirt before getting into the main office. These mats should be cleaned and rotated regularly. What’s more, you may want to consider asking your cleaners to up the frequency of floor cleaning and carpet cleaning throughout winter to mitigate the repercussions of the bad weather.


You may think window cleaning can be put on a back-burner over winter because of all the rain. However, the dirty deposits left from rain are what can make your windows look so grimy and spotted. Keeping up a window cleaning schedule – both inside and out – over winter will ensure that maximum levels of light are allowed through your panes to deliver much needed daylight to your office.

Air quality

With people reluctant to open windows and the heating running every day, the air inside your office can become quite stuffy and stale over winter. Circulated air isn’t just undesirable, it can contribute to a build up of allergens and toxins. Investing in office plants or air purifiers can be a positive step to take to tackle poor air quality. In addition, you should make sure all HVAC vents and filters are cleaned thoroughly.


Winter months also spell the start of cold season and, as a business, you will want to do all you can to prevent your employees from getting sick. In an office environment, everyone is usually working in close quarters and bugs can easily spread from shared equipment and lingering germs. Disinfecting communal spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and break rooms should be something your cleaners do on a daily basis already. However, you could request that your cleaners increase the frequency with which they disinfect areas like desks, meeting rooms and filing cabinets, as well as encouraging employees to keep their keyboards, mouse and phone clean, to battle the spread of winter illnesses.

Scott & Sons offer a wide range of thorough cleaning services in and around Hertfordshire. Our highly trained team of cleaners have great attention to detail and perform consistently high quality cleans for properties of all sizes. For more information about our services, or to discuss a cleaning schedule for your commercial premises, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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