Vacuum Cleaning – National Trust

About 20 years ago, while he ran his own Vac Doctor business, Graham was approached by a member of the National Trust to see if he could advise on very low suction cleaners to be used on valuable tapestries, rare books and many other historic items of value.

None of the major vacuum cleaner manufacturers worldwide had an inclination to help, so Graham built a prototype which the Trust evaluated for some months, before producing a critical report of all the things they did not like.

All of these things were resolved and an old design by the Electrolux Commercial division (now Nilfisk) was selected as the basis of a production machine that could be economically converted.

The electronics allow for low and controllable suction, and a break away cable is used to stop the operator being pulled off scaffolding or a ladder.

Scott and Sons now supply the resulting Ergoclean system that was developed for the National Trust. Today many of the Trust’s properties have and use these machines, and Graham’s modified design has variable suction in order not to damage tapestry, valuable rugs & carpets. Without Graham’s design, many items would be damaged in the stately homes.

The adaptation of Ergoclean vacuums is described in the National Trust Manual of Housekeeping (National Trust, 2011)

Helen Lloyd, National Specialists Consultancy Manager (London):

“We have been working with Graham and the Scott and Sons team now for many years and we recommend their cleaning system to all National Trust properties to help maintain them and maintain the balance between traditional & modern cleaning techniques.”