Classroom Cleaning Checklist

For healthy students, you need a healthy classroom environment. With students and staff spending all day inside the classroom, it can be easy for germs and bacteria to spread, and for the dirt and dust to quickly accumulate; creating an environment rife with the potential for sickness.

To keep your classroom spick and span – and your students focused on their work and not on those muddy footprints all over the floor – follow our handy Classroom Cleaning Checklist here for some of the key areas that need to be cleaned professionally every day.



Some cleaning tasks should be left to the professionals, ensuring a hygienic environment and allowing teachers to save their time and focus on their lessons. At Scott & Sons, we offer a range of school cleaning services to the Hertfordshire area. Just get in touch with us today to find out more!

Encourage your children to get involved in maintaining a tidy classroom with our fun printable checklist:

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