Getting Back to Work Safely with Scott & Sons

Here at Scott and Sons, we can help you with your efforts to return to work safely.

Both as individuals and business owners we have a duty of care to try and keep your shops, pubs, multi-use halls, offices – in fact any environment – as safe as we can.

Some simple principles that we’re all aware of by now, such as social distancing and mask wearing can be supported by a cleaning company like ourselves, having worked diligently throughout the pandemic.

Scott and Sons use several techniques and processes to help you, your staff members and your customers return to work. Some of the procedures and policies we have in place include:

  • Ensuring our staff use carefully chosen virucidal products that not only clean the surfaces but leave them virus-free.
  • Providing quality products for your staff to use, including top quality soaps and sanitisers.
  • Supplying individual misting sprays for other potential high-use areas. This sanitiser spray kills 99.9% of bacteria – including Coronavirus pathogens – within 60 seconds and the effects last for five hours.
  • Many of our clients are already having regular deep directional misting or fogging services carried out alongside their daily cleaning. For regular services rather than one-off basis, we can agree an appropriate rate.

This system not only works on Coronavirus but is also proved to be effective against 99.999% of known germs and viruses. 

  • It is vital to use the correct colour coordination system for cloths and mops as this avoids cross contamination – our staff have been following our implemented laundry system so cloths are not re-used without being industrially washed. A simple process like this is a crucial policy of ours.
  • Topping up of your janitorial requisites is also vital, as there’s no point having dispensers empty of soap or hand towels.

Our industrial cleaning services are ideal for ensuring your premises are safe to return to. A newly professionally cleaned  environment is the simplest way to know your building is safe, clean and germ-free.

Our return-to-work cleans include wash-downs of doors, windows, ledges, toilets and touchpoints. In addition to the main clean, many of our clients are making use of our directional misting system for extra sanitisation.

We use an Ultra Low Capacity Sprayer (fogging machine) to help you to mitigate and reduce the risk of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading. The Virabact solution has been developed by Cleenol and has proven to be effective against enveloped viruses on non-porous hard surfaces, including all coronaviruses. Used in conjunction with the fogging machine, it can leave your premises sanitised and safe for you to return to. We recommend using virucidal cleaning products only upon completion of the fogging service, as these work with the fogging solution.

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